Amba RWH – CB Towel Warmer Review


Are you looking for a significant towel warmer to complete your bathroom decoration? If yes, with the design you should also consider the quality of the towel warmer which you are going to install in the bathroom. When you dig into the market for a towel warmer you will get a variety of products ranging from a lower price to high price and claiming to deliver better performance. In such situation, it is difficult to select the best product for you. So, in this article I have reviewed the Amba RWH – CB towel warmer which is an affordable and high quality product available in the market.

Amba RWH CB Towel Warmer Review

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Amba RWH – CB uses the latest technology to enhance the experience of the user. So, you can enjoy warm towels whenever you want.

Who should use this product? 

As adaptable equipment Amba RWH – CB offers impressive features and incomparable performance. The towel warmer is equipped with 10 horizontal cross bars which provide you sufficient space to place your towels. The fast heating technology allows the bars to heat up quickly and provide warmth to the towel. This unique towel warmer is suitable to use in homes and commercial purposes. The stylish towel rack is made of grade 304 stainless steel which is polished and comes with a matching cover plate.

There are three control options available in this best towel warmer – on/off switch, plug – in and wall mounted 7×24 programmable timers. The temperature range of this equipment is 149 degree Fahrenheit. It gets heated in 10 minutes to dry the towel quickly. The powerful curved towel warmer is made in the USA.

It consumes less power to heat up and also gets cool in less time. The programmable timer automatically switches off the equipment if you forget to switch it off. The size of this product is 80 x 14.6 x 60 cm. This product fits in your home perfectly and enables you to warm your towel easily.


  • Fast heating: It is an important feature to consider in a towel warmer. The Amba RWH – CB takes just 10 minutes to heat up. It is one of the faster heating products available in the market.
  • Hardwired and on/off switch option: The product includes an on/off switch at the bottom which allows you to control the equipment. It can get directly hardwired to your home connection or you can give power from a wall socket.
  • Programmable timer: The programmable timer included in this unit allows you to switch off the unit automatically when not in use. So, it will prevent burning issues and lower the risk of getting heat from the unit when someone touches it accidentally.
  • Strong construction: It is made of 304 grade stainless steel which increases its stability. The brushed and polished body feels good to handle and can be used without any issues. If you want to buy a towel warmer with a long lasting facility, this product will be suitable for you.
  • Low power consumption: Amba RWH – CB uses less power for its operation. It is a highly efficient product needs a little energy to heat up to its maximum temperature range. The power consumption of this product is 150 watts.
  • Cost-effective: The cost of this product is not high, according to its features. It is going to provide value for the money you are spending. In fact, the price of this product is affordable compared to the other products in the market.

Tips for using:

 Using this product is very easy. As per my experience gets heated up quickly and the timer helps to switch it off automatically. In the beginning I was in fear that if it is left switched on for a long time and somebody touched it, it would be very dangerous. But, the auto shut off helped me. Some tips to safely use this product are –

  • Install it at a height so that no children can touch it.
  • Make sure you switch it off manually after every use even if the automatic switch off is given.


Amba RWH – CB delivers a great performance. The latest design and quick heating feature are the things which I liked most in this product. The inbuilt programmable timer and low power consumption made this product worth buying. You can buy it today if you are looking for an affordable tower warmer for your home.

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