Are Towel Warmers Safe Around Children?

A towel warmer can give you the freedom you want after every shower. In fact towel warmers are efficient enough to dry up your towels quickly. But many people avoid this effective equipment thinking whether it is safe or not. As towel warmers are associated with heat, such thinking is  natural. While in other side the towel warmer companies claim that, the towel warmers are equipped with the latest features and absolutely safe to use at home. However, you should not take any chance as it could be injurious to the children.

So, if you are thinking to buy a towel warmer, you should consider some safety measures to follow. So in this article we have discussed how safe the towel warmers are and how to use them safely.

Reasons why towel warmers are not safe:

  • Hot bars can injure the skin:

The towel warmers are designed to deal with heat so there is no doubt that it will injure the kids if they touch it. So while installing the towel warmers ensure installing them at a safe height, which is beyond the children’s reach area. You should also ensure to install it in a location where children are not moving frequently.

  • Chances of getting shocked:

Towel warmers run on electricity. So, there are chances of getting shocked while using them. The growing children see everything as a toy and want to play with it. If they touch it while taking bath in the bathroom in wet condition, it will be very dangerous for them.

These are the two major reasons which you should consider while buying a towel warmer for your home. You should take the required safety precautions at home while using towel warmers.

Tips to use towel warmers safely around the children:

Though towel warmers are not safe to use around children you can follow some safety tips to use it in your home effectively.

  • Make a separate bathroom for children:

If you and your kids use the same bathroom where the towel warmer is installed, it could be dangerous. You should allow your kids to use a separate bathroom if you have multiple bathroom options at home. This will prevent the children to go around the towel warmer.

  • Make your children aware about the towel warmer:

If you think in another way, the towel warmers are dangerous for children because they don’t know how to use it. If you increase the awareness about the towel warmer among the children, the problem will be solved automatically. You should educate your children about the towel warmers and guide them in operating the towel warmer usefully.

  • When you are not using it, make sure it is switched off:

Generally, children play around the home every time. You don’t know when they will go to which place of your home while playing so it is a better practice to switch off the towel warmer when it is not in use. By doing this you can save some electricity as well as be sure that the children are safe in the home.

  • Install the towel warmer at a higher location:

By installing the towel warmer at a height from the kids’ reaching capacity you can prevent the children from touching it. It is an easy and effective way of making the kids safe around the towel warmer.


The main dangerous things in towel warmer are the electricity and heat. These two things can affect your kids in the bathroom. So, unless they are at an age of operating it independently you should keep it away from their range. By following some safety tips you can use a towel warmer safely in your home.

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