Brookstone Towel Warmer review


Everybody needs a towel to wrap them after a shower. If the towel is warmer, then you will get the pleasure you want. So, to get a warmer, towel after every shower you can consider installing a Brookstone towel warmer in your home. This electronic device will increase your flexibility and provide you the warmth you need after every shower. I am reviewing this product in this article, which will help you in deciding this product is worthy or not.

Brookstone Towel Warmer review

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People those who like to relax in the spa, they can use this product to experience the spa therapy at home any time they want. With the lightweight design, this product can be carried one place to another easily.

Who should use this product?

If you need comfort in your home, then you need this product. You can experience the spa like feeling in your home. You can also keep your clothes, warm during the winter season using this product.

With a diameter of 12 inches at the base and 13 inches at the top and a height of 22 inches this towel warmer can hold up to two towels of 40 inches width and 70 inches length. The fast heating technology heats the towel in just 10 minutes. The temperature range of this towel warmer is 120 degree Fahrenheit. Apart from towels you can also put robe and blankets in this machine to get warmer. If you are looking for the luxury lifestyle with warm towels, this is the product you should go for.

With the lightweight and bigger size, design the Brookstone towel warmer increases your possibilities and mobility that you need for a towel warmer in your home. Its build quality and wide range makes it different from other such products in the market. The transparent lid allows the user to see inside the towel warmer while heating. Another important feature of this device is auto shut off, which switches off the device automatically when not in use. It uses standard 120V AC plug-in to get power from a wall socket.


  • Wide capacity and lightweight: The Brookstone towel warmer has a capacity of warming two over sized towels at a time. It is very hard to get this capacity with other products in this range. It is a bigger size and lightweight product which is easy to use and move to anywhere. With just 8 pounds weight and 22 inches height it can be placed at any place in your home.
  • High efficiency: The product gets heated up within just 10 minutes with the fast heating technology. So, it can warm up to two towels in just 10 minutes, which makes it a high efficiency product in the market. If you are looking for a towel warmer with fast heating technology, you should buy a Brookstone towel warmer.
  • Auto shut off technology: Brookstone towel warmer comes with an auto shut off feature which switches off the device automatically when the temperature is reached to the maximum level. So, you no need to wait for 10 minutes near the machine to switch it off. You can put your towels inside it and carry with your other works.
  • Silicone heating element: The towel warmer equipped with a silicone heating element which heats the towel from both the sides. This technology is very beneficial and works faster to give the results. Therefore the heating time is reduced to 10 minutes.

Tips for using:

After purchasing this device you should follow some tips to use it effectively. When I used this device for the first time it was a great experience for me. The warm towel feels very pleasing. From my experience I am writing some pro tips in this review which will help you to use this product efficiently.

  • Don’t touch the side of the machine while taking out the towels because the sides of the machine are heating up so you may get hurt.

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So, Brookstone towel warmer is a great product to buy. With the towel warming function, it will also play an important role in decorating your home like furniture. The best thing which I liked in this machine is the extra large size to hold up to two towels at a time.

This towel warmer will be a perfect fit for those who are looking for a compact towel warmer which are easy to move.

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