Elite Hot towel cabi hot towel warmer (HC-X) review

Are you searching for an efficient towel warmer? This article will help you. In this article I have reviewed the hot towel cabi hot towel warmer (HC – X) which is a popular product to provide great performance. It is a compact sized product which can be placed at any location of your home.

Elite Hot towel cabi hot towel warmer Reviews

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It is equipped with several advanced features that provide a great user experience. If you are looking for a perfect towel warmer to get value for money, hot towel cabi hot towel warmer is suitable for you. This towel warmer is designed with care to provide warmth to people. It provides lots of benefits to the users, which I experienced. If you want to experience the same benefits of this towel warmer, read this review and decide to buy this product or not.

Who should use this product?

Those people who want to have a modern towel warmer to get a matchless performance should use this towel warmer. It is an excellent product to provide you the value for money.

This towel warmer is suitable to be used in the spa. It has a holding capacity of 24 small towels that can be used for facial purposes. It includes a water drip pan and interior towel rack that allows the user to use this product easily. It maintains a constant temperature of 150 degree to 160 degree Fahrenheit. To get the best results you should use the small towels with this towel warmer.

In the first step you have to soak the towels and then twist them and place them inside the towel warmer by rolling them up. It is a great quality product that will heat up the towels in no time. It is available in two sizes – mini and double. In fact, you will not get such a nice product anywhere at an affordable price. It provides a control option to the user to control the temperature and prevent it from over heat. It is a completely insulated cabinet that doesn’t allow the internal heat to go out. Hence the towel warming process becomes faster. The dimension of this product is 44.5 x 26.7 x 35.6 cm.

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  • Compact design: The hot towel cabi hot towel warmer (HC-X) has a compact design which allows you to place this unit at any location of your home. Despite of the compact size it provides a wide space, where up to 24 towels can be accommodated to heat up. It is a must buy product for those who have a requirement of warming a vast towels at a time.
  • Efficient heat retention: This unique product is designed in such a way that it can heat up quickly as well as keep the heat for a long time. So if the towel warmer has been off for a long time also, you will get a warm towel inside it.
  • High reliability: The product is made from high standard material that makes the towel warmer a great product to buy. It performs in such a way that you can rely on it without any worries.
  • Durable interior rack: The interior rack in this towel warmer holds up to 24 small towels making it a high efficient product in the market. The internal rack is manufactured using metals so provide high durability. If you are looking for a durable product to help you for a long time, this is a must buy product for you.

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Tips for using:

This towel warmer guarantees that it can fulfil your needs of warmth. With this extraordinary product you will definitely feel out of this world. After using this towel warmer for some days I personally feel that my way of living is changed. If you want to use this product effectively, you should follow some tips.

  • If you like a wet hot towel, you can soak it in hot water.
  • If you use cold water, it will take long time to warm the towels.


This towel warmer is a perfect item to be used in the spa. It is a very efficient and long lasting solution to get a warm towel anytime. If you are thinking to buy it, you should go for it without any doubt.

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