LCM Home Fashion 6 bar Free Standing Towel Warmer Review


Can you imagine a bathroom without a towel warmer? It is very difficult as the towel warmer is a basic need in a bathroom. If you are looking for an exceptional towel warmer to install in your home, you should buy an LCM home fashion 6 bar free standing towel warmer. With a modern design and brilliant performance this product is going to make your each day special.

LCM home fashion 6 bar free standing towel warmer review

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Here I am reviewing this product to let you know about the features of this best towel warmer. It is a free standing towel warmer with a shining aluminium frame to give a luxury experience to the user. It is a lightweight and affordable towel warmer to be used by anyone at home.

Who should use this product?

Anyone who wants to change his/her lifestyle can use this product. The latest technology with the aluminium frame makes this device a superb product to be used in any home. You can place this towel warmer in any room of your home because of the free standing feature.

The product can also be used as a wall mount towel warmer which makes it suitable for the people who are looking for a wall mounted towel warmer for their home. It requires slight assembly of the parts to configure it for wall mount or free standing which is simple to do. It comes with a power cord of 6 feet so that you can provide power to the unit from a wall socket. It also has an on/off switch to operate and requires 110 V to 120 V for operation. It is a super device to keep the towels warm, so that you can use it whenever you want.

This towel warmer helps to keep your towels clean and fresh for all time. It is an energy efficient towel warmer that requires a small energy for operation. It is equipped with fast heating technology that helps to reach up to 122 degree Fahrenheit in just 30 minutes. It is a highly reliable and durable product to buy. Its space effective performance allows it to use at any location of your home.


  • Easy to install and use: It is a versatile product which offers two modes of installation. You can use it as a free standing as well as a wall mounted towel warmer because the manufacturer provides the mounting brackets for wall mount and the free standing feet for free standing usages. You can easily assemble those parts and use it according to your comfort.
  • Low power consumption: LCM home fashion free standing towel warmer includes the latest technologies that consume less power compared to other towel warmers in the market. It goes to its maximum heating state by consuming less power. If you are looking for an energy efficient towel warmer, you can buy this product.
  • Faster heating technology: This towel warmer is equipped with a fast heating technology to warm the towels faster. It has the capacity to warm a towel within just 30 minutes so that you can get a warm towel after a shower.
  • Easy to maintain: It provides a great performance and allows you to be flexible with it. With the excellent features, it allows you to go beyond your expectations. So you can maintain this device with less effort.

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Tips for using:

LCM home fashion 6 bar free standing towel warmer is a wonderful product to keep at home. It allows the user to experience the elegant feel of a warm towel after every shower. You can use this product effectively by following some tips. I am listing some tips here to help you to have a great user experience with this product.

  • Try to maintain distance from the kids while using in free standing condition.


LCM home fashion free standing towel warmer is a powerful device to make your home a luxurious place. It will be ready in your room to give you a warm towel whenever you need. It includes the advanced features to provide brilliant performance. If you are looking for an awesome towel warmer with an energy efficient performance, then this towel warmer will be perfect for you.

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