Warmrails RTC mid Size wall mounted or free standing towel warmer


Towel warmers are very popular nowadays and are the key instruments to be used in any bathroom. They not only give you a warm towel, but also make your day special with their delight feel. So towel warmers are compulsory to include in the bathroom. People who are looking for a wonderful towel warmer for their home should read this article to know about the Warmrails RTC mid size towel warmer which will be a great deal for them.

Warmrails RTC Towel Warmer Review

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It is a perfect towel warmer to use in homes and experience its benefits. After using this product I felt like there can’t be a more deluxe thing than this. In this review I will explain about the features and advantages of this product which will be helpful for you to decide it is worth buying or not.

Who should use this product?

If you need a reliable and effective towel warmer, you can purchase a Warmrails RTC Mid Size towel warmer. It will magnify your experience in the bathroom.

It is a performative towel warmer and provides two options for installation. It can be used as a free standing device or installed on the wall as a wall mount device according to your convenience. It comes with the required instruments for installation and also provides instructions for the installation. So by buying this device you will have a flexible experience of using a towel warmer. It can be connected to the wall socket easily. It has an on/off switch which allows you to operate the device easily. It has a 7 foot power cord on the right side to give power input.

It requires 120 V AC for operation. The chrome finish body with wonderful looks makes this device very attractive. If you want a dry, fresh and warm towel after a shower, you should install this device in your home. Apart from towel warming it can warm the baby blankets, clothes, etc. With a weight of 3.95 Kg this product is an excellent portable towel warmer to use.


  • Easy to operate: With a 7 foot long power cord and on/off switch this product provides a great user experience. It has a good looking body with compact size, which makes this a fast class product to use at home.
  • Installation is easy: The best thing about this product is it comes with two installation modes. You can use this product either as a free standing or wall mounted. In both the installation procedures the company provides the required parts and instructions which make the installation process easier.
  • Robust design with chrome finish: This towel warmer is made of steel which makes this product durable. It can withstand in various weather conditions and provide a great performance. It is rust proof and can be used in all kinds of climates. With steel body, it has a chrome finish which makes this product an innovative one. With the stylish and attractive look this product is a must buy for people in need of a towel warmer.
  • Compact size: It is a mid size towel warmer hence can be placed at any location of your home. With the portable and compact design this towel warmer has the flexibility to move it from one place to another.

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Tips for using:

If you will buy this top rated towel warmer, it will give you a special experience for sure. This product will provide you a luxury lifestyle with its special features. To use this product effectively you need to follow some tips.

  • If you have a small space and kids at home, you should use it as a wall mount product.
  • You can use it as a free standing towel warmer if you have sufficient space in your home. The free standing feature allows you to use it outdoors.


So the Warmrails mid size towel warmer is an outstanding product to use at home. With the attractive features this product enhances your experience in the bathroom. If you are looking for a high performative towel warmer with great usability, you can buy a Warmrails RTC mid size towel warmer for your home. With the perfect design this product will bring a set of features to your home.

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